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Mal Patches-
new commission for Open Source Festival, London May 2015

erica scourti


OPEN SOURCE is a contemporary arts festival. OPEN SOURCE specialises in time-based media and live events. 

OPEN SOURCE is curated by Emily Butler, Gareth Bell-Jones, Anna Gritz, Attilia Fattori Franchini, Amy Sherlock, Chris Rawcliffe, Marie d’Elbée and Morgan Quaintance.

2–3 May 2015
Gillett Square
London N16 8AZ


Past Sharing-
new commission for Group Therapy, FACT, Liverpool, March- May 2015

eroca scourti

  erica scourti

An artwork co-produced by artist Erica Scourti and a group of 13 to 18 year olds through FACT's young people's programme Freehand,
Part of Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age

more here
our collective Instagram channel, exploring responses to mental health, channel is here


Feels For Real- commission for the launch of Three Letter Words, January 2015- ongoing



Instagram’s recent crackdown on the illicit economy of fake followers, likes and comments has seen only the smartest of spam accounts survive. For one week only, Erica Scourti will interact with some of these phonies by bulk-buying comments for a selection of her Instagram photos and then commenting back on the fake account holders’ pictures in an attempt to start a conversation.

The Instagram takeover ran from Monday 19 – Sunday 25 January 2015. At the end of this new commission screenshots of the images and comments will be available to view here. Join our mailing list to be kept updated.

see the tumblr RealsForFeel for documentation of the posts plus new botpcis I’m adding on an ad hoc basis


SO LIKE YOU at Brighton Photo Biennial & The Photographers' Gallery (Autumn 2014)

erica scourti


For this project- documented online at similarselves- I put my old photo archive through Google's similar image search and then contacted users who had posted the images, asking them to send me a photo from their archives that was somehow similar to mine.

The images they sent, plus tags they and friends who appeared in the original photos, and metadata (like location, date etc) generated by their cameras all feature in the final piece, across the blog and the video versions.

More info on it here.  
>>> and my posts about it for The Photographers' Gallery blog

Undisclosed - Colm Cille's Spiral comission for Derry City of Culture 2013



A project spread across countries, formats, platforms and media, my comission for Colm Cille's Spiral began as a 'private video postcard' project, where friends, family and online followers/ contacts requested and were sent a short Instagram video, in exchange for them giving me metadata for their video.

The metadata was then used to annotate a corresponding blank/ black video on Instagram with only the tags and titles visible, and were shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

more about the ideas behind the project here (ADD THIS)


Out of Time
(summer 2013)

Onassi Foundation
commission to celebrate the life and work of Constantine Cavafy
Shown at Plato's Acadamy in Autumn 2013.


Southbank Christmas Grotto
Commission (Christmas 2011)

A festive audio-video installation created by artist group Huddle with Erica Scourti.

15th Dec- 31st Dec 2011

Listed in Timeout's Best Quirky Events in London over Christmas 2011


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