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>>> THE OUTAGE, my ghost-written memoir, can be purchased here


Some Place of Avoiding An Animal (May 2015)
collaboratively authored publication initiated by Dorine Van Meel on the occassion of her South London Gallery residency; with John Archibald Harrington, Emma Bennett, Jesse Darling, Susanna Davies-Crook, Kati Kärki
'Falling in Love/ Out of an Artwork', NOON Magazine vol 3, 2015

'The other Day and Night',
TORQUE #2- The Act of Reading (2015)
ed. Nathan Jones & Sam Skinner with contributions from N Katherine Hayles, Anna Barham, Nina Power

The Outage
Banner Repeater paperback


So Like You- an essay in 3 parts, for The Photographers' Gallery blog
This Is (Not) My Book reflections on my ghostwritten online-self memoir
In Media End:
media, mediation and formats via an Old English poem
Anguish beyond whirrs: online sincerity, bots and intimacy (online)
Wind-Up Doll Chronicles -
anti-depressants, visibility, self-realisation, reality TV and more (online)
You Know You Like It Really (or, the secret allure of objects)
- Appropriation and critical detachment (online)
Technology and the moving image (pdf, 3000 words)
Woman Nature Alone (pdf, 3000 words)
The Female Fool: Subversive Approaches to the Techno-social Mediation of Femininity (thesis, 12,000 words)

Short articles

Art For the Internet: an overview of internet galleries and projects (online)
Nostalgia for Now
: what does the rise of hisptamatic et al say about our relation to the document? (online)
Video Art: offline vs online (online)
Ugly Un-incorporated: production values, ugliness and commodification (pdf)
Dependant Personalities: Personality, participation and the so-called free web (pdf)
Freelance to Hell: the pleasures of self-exploitation