erica scourti


Profiles of You, solo show, National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), Athens (2023)
Broken Bottle (2021) video
8 Things to be Scared of instead of Death (2021) video
Clean Sheets (2020-21) fabric/ installation 
Everything Will Not Be OK (2020) video
Difficult to Find the Lost Things (2019)
Unlusts (2019) performance
Exit Scripts (2018) video installation
Chief Complaint (2018) solo show, Almanac Projects London
Spill Sections (2018) solo show, StudioRCA, London
Hot Readings (2018) video
Lost to the Phosphorus (2017-18) performance, text
Dad’s Diary (2009, 2017) video
Empathy Deck (2016- 2017)
Dark Archives (2016) video, text
Negative Docs (2016) video
Zero Sums (2015) video
THINK YOU KNOW ME (2015) performance
Body Scan (2014) video
Life in AdWords (2012-13) video
Screen Tears (2008) video 
Collages (2104- ongoing)